O2 Changing Faces Exhibition

July 25th - August 8th 2003
Elms Lester Painting Rooms
1-5 Flitcroft Street, London W1

"a narrative told in photographs"
The Guardian

July 24th heralds the start of a two-week 
interactive photographic exhibition celebrating
British born people from South Asia. 
PresStop Creatives and creative directors
MeWe have teamed up with O2 mobile
communication network to create Changing
Faces, an exhibition documenting 2nd and
3rd Generation British Asian youth, spanning
over three decades, from 1970 to present day.
This is a unique and unprecedented body of work, pulling together fresh and unseen images, utilising existing photographic archives, personal collections and documentary photographs from Asian youth culture. The exhibition will show real people in real situations finding and developing their identity in a multicultural Britain.
This is not a gritty expose, nor another dip into 'eastern mysticism' or the exotic. It will not reek of colonialism or stereotypical images using only flowing fabrics or food. O2 Changing Faces documents real-life images of an under-represented subculture, whose transition through oppression to empowerment has shaped their identities and bettered their life experience.

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