(after Caravaggio)
"Christianity is a very tough religion, it may not always
be practiced as such, but it is."
Tony Blair in Reclaiming the Ground.

(1st October - 14th November 2003

Curator: Hazuan Hashim
at The Four Corners Gallery,
121 Roman Road London E2 0QN

"The art of politics" Evening Standard

"Influenced as much by Carry On as John Heartfield"
British Journal of Photography

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Tony Blair, John Prescott, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and David Blunkett are a few of the subjects in Phil Maxwell's latest exhibition COMRADES. Using his extensive archive of Labour politicians Phil examines the broad sweep of New Labour with a critical and humorous eye. Comrades takes the viewer into the heart of the New Labour camp examining personality, policy, ego and ambition whilst allowing us a candid view of the relationship between key members of the Cabinet.

Phil says, "putting a camera in front of politicians is a bit like giving candy floss to children. However, taking photos of politicians can be frustrating because the managed photo opportunity is a bit like a visit to a wax works at night managed by Alistair Campbell."

Phil's images have not come out of Millbank and have a candour that will surprise the viewer and add a new dynamic to political satire. Comrades explodes the spin around New Labour and compares what the politicians said with what they actually did.

Exhaustively researched Comrades takes the Cabinet into the real world and provides a candid and refreshing look at our Westminster rulers. Using a range of different techniques the exhibition will be of particular interest to those interested in pushing the boundaries of both 'traditional' and digital technologies.


(after Botticelli)

"We will ensure that the underserving rich, the real benificiaries of the something-for-nothing society, put something back into society." Gordon Brown, Labour Party Press Release, September 1994.


"Labour is the party of law and order in Britain today. Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime." Tony Blair, Labour Party Conference, 1993.



Further information:-

07748 164632 or 020 73772141 maxwellphotouk@yahoo.co.uk

Note: 'Comrades' is the first exhibition in the previous Camerawork Gallery, soon to be re-opened by Four Corners. The exhibition will also launch the annual Photomonth organised by Alternative Arts.

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